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Book of circus

"Black Butler" Character Doll Series No. 4 !!

Red Butler in Burnett's House

"Grelle Sutcliff" appeared as a cast doll!

Grelle Sutcliff Ball Jointed Doll

The crafty and crazy character is faithfully reproduced with elegant and more realistic formations that have not been ever before, by making IOS, which is well known for its` realistic modeling beauty.

In the head modeling, Jaggy teeth of the mouth which maximize character madness expresses the characteristic of Grelle as it is.

Also, Red coat, Eyeglass chain, Heel boots etc... Each accent points are carefully reproduced in doll size.
Eye-catching Death scythe (Chainsaw) is also finished in very high quality as a symbol of Grelle.

Book of circus

What is cast doll (Ball jointed doll)

Cast doll (Ball jointed doll) is a doll product of resin material with a texture of smooth reality which is a bit different from the figure.
Various posing from various angles is possible, you can customize clothing to doll body and change the hair style as you like freely.
It also features a beautifully delicate head expression by handmade makeup.

Smooth texture
Supple curve
Reality of beauty
Ball jointed style


Grelle Sutcliff Cast Doll

Book of circus

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Product name "Black Butler Book of circus" Grelle Cast Doll
Product composition Doll body (Makeup completed) · Wig · eye · Costume set · Death scythe chain saw · Box · Certificate · Instruction manual
Sales price USD 1,490
Start reservation December 22, 2016
Order method DOLK Online
Delivery schedule Delivery sequentially from September 2017
Sales site http://dolkus.com
Size total length about 70 cm
Material Resin
Manufacturer I.O.S Inc.
Selling agency VODALESS / DOLK
Copyright ©Toboso Yana / SQUARE ENIX・KUROSHITSUJI Project・MBC