■ [Aug. 2016] We have currently stocks available, we can ship immediately as you order.
■[Notice]The Interruption of Order
We regret to inform you that we have to stop accepting order for SFBT-3 temporarily due to the stock shortage. We will try our best for the quick delivery and restart next order.
Thank you for your interest in SFBT-3 continuously!
■~Apology for Delivery Delay~
We are very sorry for kept you waiting for the delivery of SFBT-3 so long,
The maker says they have some problems with the producing machine,
and have a difficult with product now.
Therefore, the delivery time may be delayed until March or April.
We apologize again and again for any convenience this may cause you.
■We'd like to let you know that we start to accept the order for SFBT-3 on First Nov.
We also appreciate your understanding that the shipping is arranged on a first-come,first saved basis
and takes several weeks at shortest or 3months at longest for shipping after we confirm your payment.
SFBT-3 is unable to be mass produced by machine and the stock is limited in quantity.
This time , about 80 pieces will be produced by the end of December.
Please do not miss the chance of your purchase!
■We have finished accepting the first orders for Sfbt-3.
Thank you very much for your purchase.
We will inform you here when we start to take orders next time.
■Thanks to you, we have finished order reception for first 100 pieces of SFBT-3,
and would like to inform that we decided to produce more 30pieces in addition due to high popularity.
Please do not miss the chance of your purchase this time!
■We will start to deliver M-fields to customers in October 2013 next time.
■First deliveries of M-fields in September 2013 were completed. (We deliver items to customers in order from first to last.)
■Start sale for overseas finally on July 1st.
■It's possible to use English and Chinese.
■First come, first served! The limited quantities.

A whole new sensation !!
We've made it possible to move the doll with perfect freedom.
You can set the doll in any position as you like using the 80 joints!!
We always persue the evolutionary perfect body of doll.