The ball jointed doll

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This 28 inches high Castsoll (Ball Jointed Doll) has something differrent
from just a Figure Doll and provide a high quality with smooth skin and well-made body having reality. (* The material is resin.)
The varied posing is possible with many angles and you can also enjoy customizing freely by changing his dress or hair style.
The head is also specialized with the beauty
and detailed expression by the make-up hand made.

'KUROSHITSUJI ~ Book of Circus'
Sebastian Michaelis Castdoll



Our new castdoll 'Sebastian Michaelis' (The character of 'Book of Circus') has been released finally after 'Ciel Phantomhive'!
This castdoll has faithfully reflected the more beautiful 'Sebastian' with the material of resin that make it possible to express much more reality and the head has the detailed structure which has never been existed before.
The face, which is characterized with his 'smile of devil' also has the high degree of perfection.
We also have developed the special body for 'Sebastian' to make it show more beautiful and slim body line,so you can enjoy the beautiful curve of his entire body.
His eyes are made of the red, shinny resin material which has a light color. The dress is produced with fine cloth and consist of the detailed accessories such as tailcoat or armband of shirt.
The design is the same as the dress which 'Sebastian' wore in the circus series of ' Noah's Ark'.
This time, you can attach the make-up sticker as you like to represtnt the 'Noah's Ark' make-up.



◆ The name of product 'KUROSHITSUJI ~ Book of Circus' Sebastian Michaelis Castdoll
◆ Contents Doll(make-up included), Wig, Eyes, Dress set(Book of Circus Ver.), Box, Certificate, Handling instructions
◆ Price $1590
◆ Order period 25 December 2015~31 January 2016
◆ How to order Dolk Online Shopping
◆ Shipping Date We will start to ship after August 2016.
***It could be slightly changed due to the producing condition.
◆ Hight About 28 inches
◆ Material Resin
◆ Manufacture I.O.S Inc.
◆ Selling Agency Vodaless.Co.Ltd / DOLK
◆ Copyright Notice © Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX・KUROSHITSUJI 黒執事Project・MBS

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