Perfectly Limited Reservation

  • This product is reservation-only.
    It will take a time for shipping.Please look at the following details.
    ※We will start to accept the reservation at the store(Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya)from26 December(Sat).

Order information

Booking on the internet

  • ◆ At DOLKSTATION (online shop), we will start the selling of Sebastian Michaelis Castdoll on 25 December 2015,
     at 7:00 pm(japanese time).The reservation will be closed on 31 January 2016, at 11:59 pm(japanese time).
  • ◆「You can book the Sebastian Michaelis Castdoll at DOLKSTATION (online shop),
     If you put the item into your cart. ( ※You need to register for DOLK membership).
  • ◆ When the limited quantities were sold out, we could stop accepting order even during the reservation period without the notification.
  • ◆ When you completed your order, we will send you an email confirming your reservation.
  • ◆ We will notice you on Twitter or DOLK site when the order is closed.
  • ◆ We accept your payment only by paypal.
  • ◆ Notice
    • Your reservation cannot be confirmed only by putting the items into your cart.
      Order will be completed when you received the order confirmation e-mail.
    • You have to pay the shipping fee separately.
    • Please complete your payment within a week after you have completed the order.If not, your order will be cancelled.

Shipping information


  • The shipping fee is not included in the product price. Additional payment is required.
    » For details
  • We will start the shipping after July 2016. ***It could be slightly changed due to the producing condition.。
  • We will notice you the shipping schedule on DOLK site after the reservation period.
  • When shipping, we will send you an email of shipping notification informing EMS number.
  • You could review the status of your order at 'My page' on DOLK site.
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  • ◆We cannot accept the cancellation after your payment is completed.
    » For details
  • ◆You cannot return the product by any reasons expect an initial failure.
  • ◆Your order number could be limited due to the order conditions.
  • ◆Even in the case of defective product, we cannot accept the returning if more than a week has already passed after your receiving the product.
  • ◆We always offer customer the chargeable service when you have some problems with your doll.

◆ Selling agency ◆ DOLK

DOLK is the company treating the doll, parts and accessories generally.
DOLKSTATION is one of the biggest online shopping mall treating the doll-related items in Japan.

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Business project:
Manufacturing, planning and sales of various cast Doll
Manufacturing and sale of doll-related products

Established in 2006. Manufacturing the doll of big size mainly.
The modeling with beauty and dignity is supported by lots of doll fans.


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