We thoroughly reproduced
the details of the sword!

The formative beauty embodied the characteristics of
Kashuu Kiyomitsu exactly and minutely.
A number of beautiful accessories are thoroughly reproduced
with selected materials up to representation of details.
The family crest on a luxurious outfit's collar, the red nails
as his trademark and the Ronin knot on a sword sheath
will be reproduced by hand. Please enjoy the pattern of
the sword guard which is fully reproduced with high quality.

「Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-」Kashuu Kiyomitsu cast doll Set content ※Certificate,Box,Cushion

Kashuu Kiyomitsu
Doll Main body
※With Face ・Nail Makeup
・Wig …1pc.
・Eye(Resin handmade) …1pair

Outfit Set

・Jacket …1 Wear
・Shirt …1 Wear
・Vest …1 Wear
・Slacks …1 Wear
・Belt …1 Piece
・Sword Loops …2 Piece
・Collar …1 Wear
・Socks …1 Set


・Sword&Sheath …1 Set
・Gauntlet …1 Set
・Boots …1 Pair
(Pierce type)
…1 Pair

DOLK Original Cast Doll Full set sales

Mar 15, 2019 Starting date
for reservation
Mar 31,2019 End of reception


In order to realize the presence of stylish Kashuu Kiyomitsu,
we carefully extracted from fabric selection to sewing and finished it.
Please take a look about Kashuu's unique costume and jewelry
adhering to beautiful appearance from a long coat lining, heel boots,
until the muffler wrapped around the neck.

※ Click the picture to see the details.
  • Coat


    Long coat was tailored with slender silhouette along the body. We paid close attention to the cutting to reproduce the beautifully spreading line from the waist to the hem. The family crests applied on the collar, change over of the fabrics, piping of gold and the diamond pattern of the lining are faithfully reproduced and finished as an elegant attractive outfit.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • Gauntlet


    We reproduced in earnest the gauntlet with impressive red color scheme on black background, with using synthetic leather as a material. The parts of the arm and the parts covering the back of the hand can be detached separately. When detaching, it can be easily removed and wore with the snap button.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • A collar

    A collar

    A characteristic red scarf wrapped around the neck even during the Internal Affairs. It is reproduced faithfully and thoroughly to the width of each fringe with using a glossy satin fabric.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • Shirts


    For the stand collar shirt, we used a thin, durable high-quality cloth so that the silhouette will not collapse when wear the coat or vest. It is tailored carefully with precision manual work up to the doll size buttonhole.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • Belt


    A center line with a gold color on a white background and a gorgeous belt with a buckle. Besides the shape of the buckle, the sword belt for wearing a sword is faithfully reproduced. It is also possible to remove the sword from the belt.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • Boots


    The buckle which holds the belt attached to the boots is faithfully reproduced with a black paint which emphasizes texture. We realized a supple silhouette up to the height and thickness of the heel, curves along the foot line. It is easy to put on and off with side fastener.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
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We completely reproduced "Kakshuu Kiyomitsu" which was a favorite sword of Okita Soji who was belonging in Shinsengumi.
Width of the sword We reproduced the sword with tracing faithfully from the length of the sword to the warp of it.
The workpiece that was stuck to the sheath and handle were finished carefully by hand.
The swordsmen, Kasshuu Kiyomitsu's trademark "Red Nails", are also painted each fingertip manually.

※ Click the picture to see the details.
  • 刀剣


    We have faithfully reproduced sword's decoration, until the arch, width and length of the sword figure in doll size. The handle which carefully applied the winding pattern, handwork precisely and carefully applied to the sheath, the beautiful brim are adopted a painting which emphasizes gold color and texture. Everything is reproduced up to the "Inome", the pattern of hearts on blim.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
  • 爪紅


    The red nails of the limbs are also one of his trademarks. We give them hand make-up one by one and express his adorable aspect which he thinks that he will be loved by his Lord while he keeps the beautiful appearance.

    ©2015-2019 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Vodaless,Inc/DOLK
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Handling warnings of Doll

  • The color could be slightly different from the image, due to the producing conditions.
  • The material of doll is resin and it’s easy to be broken. Please deal with it carefully.
  • Resin could be changed with its color when it's under the sunshine for long time. Please be careful.
  • Make-up is handmade and so delicate. It has slight differences in each dolls.
  • And It could come off if you scrub it. Plsease be careful.


DOLK Original Cast Doll Full set sales

Mar 15, 2019 Starting date
for reservation
Mar 31,2019 End of reception