「Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-」Kashuu Kiyomitsu cast doll Limited Term Reservation
has started

Primary order: From March 1, 2019 (Fri) to March 11, 2019 (Mon.)
Secondary order: From March 15,2019 (Fri) to March 31, 2019 (Mon.)
※in japan time.

Reservation system
「Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-」Kashuu Kiyomitsu cast doll Erithacus Dress Ver.
is available only through reservation. It will take a time for shipping.
Please read the following notifications carefully.

Procedure of
the reservation

  • Register Membership at DOLKSTATION

    You can register membership at DOLKSTATION for free.
    Once you register you can receive various services
    beside of online shopping.

  • Make a reservation of Item on Website during the reservation term.

    DOLK Add the item to the cart in DOLKSTATION’s website and conclude the procedure according to the instruction.

  • Receive a reservation confirmation
    message through e-mail.

    Once the reservation is done, you will receive a reservation
    confirmation message through e-mail. When you receive the
    message your reservation is completed.

  • Please wait until the item will be

    Delivery of the item might take more than 6 months. Please
    check the delivery term and wait until it will be delivered.

Reservation on Online Shop

How to make reservation

  • At DOLKSTATION (online shop), we will start to accept the secondary orders from 7pm (JST) on Friday, March 15, 2019.
  • The deadline of reservation will be on Sunday, Mar 31, 2019. 11:59pm.
  • You can make the reservation for 「Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-」Kashuu Kiyomitsu cast doll by placing order at the online shop of DOLK STATION, "ADD TO CART".
  • The reservation will be closed as soon as the production volume getting over without prior notice.
  • We accept only PayPal as payment method. (Layaway payment is available until 3 times payment)
  • When the reservation will be completed, you will receive a confirmation message throgh E-mail.


  • Even if you add the item in the cart, it's not secured yet. The reservation will only be completed when you receive the notification of confirming your payment.
  • We will request you to pay all the amount or 1st layaway payment when you make reservation.
  • An extra shipping fee will be added.

Precaution of Reservation

  • You can't cancel your order after your payment is confirmed.
  • The return of the product is not allowed except the case of initial defects.
  • It might be possible to limit the number of order for one person.
  • We will not accept return or exchange of the products after 1 week of delivery.
  • We will take care as much as we can to repair item besides defects with a charge.

  • An extra shipping fee will be added.
  • Delivery of the item will be scheduled from December 2019.
    (Depending on the quantity of the reservation, it will be delivered step by step as soon as it's ready .)
    ※ The primary order will be delivered from October 2019.
    (Depending on the quantity of the reservation, it will be delivered step by step as soon as it's ready.)
  • We will deliver step by step from 1st to 4th batch up to the situation. We'll inform the schedule after ended the reservation term on this site.
  • First reservation will be the priority on shipping.
  • We will deliver to the address what you registered.
  • We will send "Shipping Information Message" to your e-mail address what was registered.
  • You can check your online order at "My page" on the site.

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