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  • 2013年09月
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【新作リリース】RING DOLL:ベーシック(GROWNサイズ2種類)


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2013年09月10日 18:00

人気のあるRing Grownサイズより新しく2体リリースされました。




Grown -68~75cm


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ボディは2体共にRGMbody-02 Ver.を採用。



▼Meng He Part(原文ママ)
In Meng He's memory, Qinzhe was always the favored kid in his childhood.
Meng He was the eldest son in his family, while Qinzhe was Zheng's.
He's family run for the royal courts, and Zheng's family was in business for generations. The two families are close and both are the respected and influential clans.
In Meng He's childhood, he remembered that everyone always compared him with Qinzhe Zheng, in their eyes, Qinzhe was educated and reasonable, eloquent, excelled at everything, anyhow Qinzhe was better than him in everywhere.

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Young Meng He stood silently in the shadow of Young Qinzhe. Qinzhe was living in the sun, while Meng He wasn't.
He disliked Qinzhe. When the boy's dislike turned into hate, somewhere in his heart became dark.
If I cannot become someone like him, then I will destroy him with my own hands, he said.

At the age of 18, Meng He finally had the chance. When his family wanted to dominate that region, Qinzhe's family insisted on running business and became the biggest block to He's, so He's united others to set the entire Zheng's family up.

On the night of the accident, Meng He asked Qinzhe out to the top of the gate tower alone. When Qinzhe saw the burning sky and found out it was his family house on fire, he turned round surprisedly and restlessly. But only saw one twisty face smiling to him in the firelight, "Did you see? Qinzhe, you are nothing now", Meng He said.

This was the first time Meng He smiled to Qinzhe, but the smile chilled Qinzhe's heart.
"Why are you doing this to me? And why do you leave me alone?" Qinzhe said, almost broke down and lost control.
If I cannot become someone like him, then I will destroy him with my own hands, he said.
"Because I want to see you, the young master of Zheng's who owned everything will become a dog to live on this world." Meng He said. He saw Qinzhe's pretty face twisted in anger and sadness, and he felt the most delight than ever have, he can truly feel that he had already buried the young boy into the dark.
"Qinzhe Zheng, I wish you live like the lowliest dog, you'd better try to survive if you want to revenge."

▼Qinzhe Part(原文ママ)
Qinzhe was not so happy as he imagined when Meng He fell down in front of him.
That man were falling down, staring at him with mixed expression in his eyes which Qinzhe would never forget until he died. He Meng and his family destroyed Qinzhe's happiness that he once enjoyed.
Qinzhe would never forget that flames-raging night 10 years ago. He Meng, his childhood friend, invited him to the tower only to let him witness his parents, his brothers and his sisters burned to death.
After that night, Zheng family became totally declined. Qinzhe was the only one alive.
He swore that he would seek revenge. But what he could do since he was alone without any power? Qinzhe, with hatred burning in his heart. was totally changed into a different person. He never smiled anymore and left his hometown.

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Ten years later, Qinzhe, as Boss Zheng, returned his hometown.
However, he was not a boss doing business but a famous actor in an indecent theatrical troupe. Qinzhe had experienced vicissitudes of life and the fickleness of the world during these 10 years. He came back just for it was time for vengeance.
He met Meng He again in the opera house. He was performing on the stage while Meng He was seeing down the stage. With heavy make-up and illusory singing, he met Meng He again, the man with a pair of cruel and vicious eyes that he would never forget.

Meng He recognized him immediately. Although he became an indecent actor wearing women's clothes, this damned Meng He still recognized him at first glance. Since then, Meng He came here to support him every day. Qinzhe was sure that Meng He was bound to come here. Meng He must be happy to see him drag out an ignoble existence like a stray dog every day. The more painful his living, the more delighted Meng He would feel. Qinzhe knew it clearly.

Neither of them spoke of the tragedy10 years ago, which seemed to be a tacit agreement between them. When Qinzhe sang, Meng He supported; when Qinzhe stepped from the stage, Meng He invited him for dinner; when Qinzhe went home, Meng He sent him; when Meng He gave Qinzhe gifts, Qinzhe accepted. However, when they were left alone, they said nothing. No expression, no dialogues and even no eye contacts. Not a single person knew what's the matter except both of them. It was due to a kind of heavy, tacit and distorted relationship between them.

When Meng He fell down in front of Qinzhe, he looked extremely calm, even with no pain and distortion on his face caused by the gunshot. Meng He just smiled, the second smile that Qinzhe once saw. All of a sudden, Qinzhe found Meng He were handsome.
Qinzhe moved close to Meng He's face and saying,"So you knew I had colluded with someone else to seek revenge against you. Yeah?"
"Why don't you kill me just as you killed my family, "said Qinzhe. He felt a lump in the throat. For his dead family or for this dying enemy? Even Qinzhe himself didn't know either.
"I hate you since my childhood because you are better than me in all respects. However, when I destroyed everything that once belonged to you with my own hands, I found I was wrong," Meng He's voice was becoming weaker and weaker, "what I destroyed is just what I want to protect..."

Meng He, the man Qinzhe hated, died in front of him. But Qinzhe didn't feel happy.
When his family died ten years ago, he was left nothing but this enemy that he hated for all his life. However, when Meng He also died, what the hell did he have? He was destroyed by hatred and would never see the sunshine of this bright world, just like Meng He.


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  • 2013年09月
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